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Dynamic Data Masking

Limit sensitive data exposure to any non-privileged users with pre-defined masks to protect data without changing the user’s access and workflow.
Data privacy is of paramount importance to organizations as data breaches are becoming extremely expensive these days. Organizations have the pressing need to strike a delicate balance between providing open access to data and ensuring data privacy and protection. Balancing both becomes challenging with the risk of insider threats, where authorized users may compromise data integrity intentionally or inadvertently.
    Employees across organizations transfer sensitive or confidential data to the cloud, whether or not it is masked for protection
    Breaches were due to elevated privileges being used in the attack
An automated way to dynamically mask sensitive data for non-privileged users.
Adaptive’s Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) prevents unauthorized exposure of sensitive data and reduces the potential impact of a data leak. Utilize a range of pre-defined masks to conceal sensitive information seamlessly, without changing the user's access and workflow. Additionally, create customized data masks tailored to the specific type of stored data.
Automated Data Masking
Utilize a variety of pre-defined masks that can be used out of the box with zero configuration requirement. Adaptive automatically identifies the type of data such as Email, Credit card, SSN, Phone, etc., and masks the corresponding data with the pre-defined mask types automatically.
Enable Custom Data Masks
Platform and security admins can configure custom masks specific to the organization’s data. Easily configure specific masking rules and functions based on data type and enforce them to all downstream data sources in one go.
Semi-Structured Data Masking
Get native data-masking for disperesed raw semi-structured data out-of-the-box with Adaptive. Users can access semi-structured masked data with the same accuracy as structured data.
Enterprise Grade
Dynamic Data Masking
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
Deploy in Cloud or On-Prem