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Anomaly Detection

Identify any unauthorized intrusion, data exfiltration attempts, or any other anomalous behaviour or activity - reducing security incident’s time to response.
In the times of ever-advancing threat vectors, organizations face a persistent challenge - the prolonged time to detect breaches. The intricate nature of cyber threats often allows malicious actors and threat vectors to infiltrate systems undetected, leading to prolonged periods during which unauthorized access and activities go unnoticed. This delayed detection exposes organizations to severe risks, including data exfiltration, heavy financial losses, and reputational damage.
    Cybersecurity alerts on average generated by cloud security tools are false positives
    Companies do not have a proper cybersecurity incident response plan in place to deal with a data breach
Identify and alert any unauthorized or malicious data activity across data sources
Adaptive helps set policies based on data classes and events to be monitored in order to enhance security and ensure compliance. Collect various events and get alerts for any unauthorized and anomalous data activity patterns.
Enhanced Anomaly Detection Capabilities
Detect a wide range of anomaly types including point anomalies, contextual anomalies, IP-based anomalies, collective anomalies, endpoint anomalies, and other types of anomalies in the industry with Adaptive.
Context-Aware Detection Algorithms
Identify intrusions and malicious activities faster with fewer false alerts with the accurate and higher sensitivity anomaly detection algorithms. Experience better false alarm avoidance rates with Adaptive.
Detection with Custom Policies
Set custom policies to proactively protect against any unauthorized access, data tampering, data exfiltration, and other malicious activities. Build triggers with Adaptive to get alerts for a wide range of anomaly types from any data source.
Enterprise Grade
Anomaly Detection
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
Deploy in Cloud or On-Prem