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Reduce Insider Risk

Adaptive supports Just-in-Time access and other best-in-class access workflows tailored for use cases including Vendor access and Break-glass access seamlessly.
Most major data breaches occur due to bad actors on the inside. Unsecure credential sharing, standing privileges at the end of required duration, or excess of privileges are all reasons that lead to data breaches. Managing access in organizations is a complex task, requiring active engagement by the admins. This complexity is further heightened when vendors are involved, due to limited auditability and the danger of key-sharing outside the organization's boundaries.
Employees share their credentials with teammates to work collaboratively
Breaches involve credentials, whether stolen via social engineering or hacked using brute force
Security failures result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges
Traditional security measures lack robust auditing and logging capabilities, leading to limited visibility into user activities, incomplete or inadequate logs, and lack of accountability.
Reduce insider threats using Just-in-Time and other best-in-class access frameworks
Adaptive manages insider threats by effectively managing access. Adaptive’s Privilege Access Management (PAM) checks credential sprawl. Its Just-in-Time access workflow helps provide privileged access to resources instantly as and when needed, and without the need to share credentials. Grant and revoke access through role-based policies.
Just-in-Time Access
Provide Just-in-Time access to all resources to increase productivity and reduce time-to-access.
Get instant access request approvals on Slack, Teams, or Email to reduce time-to-access and increase productivity.
Easy Vendor and Break-Glass Access
Provide temporary access to third-party vendors and Break-Glass access to your team in critical situations within seconds.
Broker access to vendors securely through vendor-specific endpoints for access. Implement credential abstraction to provide break-glass access without compromising security.
Reduce the Impact of Unauthorized Access
Seamlessly implement Principle of Least Privilege to close potential attack surfaces and threat vectors.
Use Authorization feature to create granular privileges and safeguard the organization from potential attacks.
Streamlined Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding
Grant access to all necessary resources for new employees during onboarding. Revoke users’ access from all resources during off-boarding from a single platform with a single click.
Add users with similar access privileges to a group. Instantly onboard new employees by assigning them to a particular group based on their team and role.
Enterprise Grade
Reduce Insider Risk
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
Deploy in Cloud or On-Prem