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Accelerate Compliance

Adaptive monitors database activity in real time, and provides compliance-ready reports for user access and activities, streamlining evidence gathering for major compliances.
Compiling detailed audit reports of user activities and access logs from multiple resources, and network segments can be cumbersome. For compliance audits in SOCII and other HIPAA technical safeguards for access and audit controls, data containing detailed audit trail of every user access activity with their privileges, access controls, credential protection, and data protection measures is required. This data is often scattered across various systems and logs, making it difficult to collect comprehensive and accurate set of evidence for audits.
Companies plan to implement continuous compliance in the next five years
Companies in FinTech feel the need to hire more for their compliance teams
Compliance teams say high-quality data is most important factor in managing compliance risk
Traditional security measures lack robust auditing and logging capabilities, leading to limited visibility into user activities, incomplete or inadequate logs, and lack of accountability.
Database Activity Monitoring for monitoring access and events as they happen in real time.
Adaptive’s Real-time Activity Monitoring monitors all database activity and logs events. With pre-defined policies, Adaptive ensures important information is being captured. It then reproduces audit trails on-demand and accelerates compliance. Record all user queries, commands and actions that can be replayed without the need for any additional configurations. Make forensic investigations easy in case of any incident.
Streamlined Evidence Collection
Stay compliant with ready to use reports for all user access activity across all infrastructure resources.
Consolidate audit logs across all infrastructure resources, tools, and databases. Download compliance ready reports that include user access requests and user access matrix.
Screen Recordings for Every Session
Enhance visibility into every query and command on all infrastructure access activities based on the identity of every accessor.
Natively record every user session to track all the commands and queries. Seamlessly replay the session recordings from the platform in case of any incidence investigation.
Custom Policies to Restrict Access
Limit access to protect personal data and stay GDPR compliant.
Build custom policies to restrict access based on their geographical locations or even IP addresses through custom access policies, in order to prevent unauthorized users.
Enterprise Grade
Accelerate Compliance
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
Deploy in Cloud or On-Prem