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Stay compliant with FinTech regulations

Adaptive accelerates compliance in the Financial sector by protecting sensitive personal and financial data and streamlining auditing.
Finance is a heavily regulated vertical with organizations needing to perform continuous monitoring and auditing on all infrastructure access to stay compliant.
$5.97 Million
Average cost of a breach in the financial sector
Financial Technology firms fail to meet GDPR and PCI DSS compliance
11 Million
Files are accessible on average to a Financial sector employee
FinTech firms handle sensitive financial data and customer funds, requiring strict adherence to various compliance standards to ensure a robust security posture. Organizations must implement data protection measures, credential encryption, continuous monitoring, etc. to maintain compliance with regulations. This can be an intricate and complex process, necessitating ongoing diligence, a dedicated compliance team, and requiring investment of substantial financial resources and still presenting challenges that are strenuous to sustain over time.
Adaptive simplifies GDPR, PCI DSS and other compliances
Adaptive empowers organizations to remain compliant with all regulatory demands for GDPR, PCI DSS, and so on. The platform offers centralized control for access reviews to accelerate the approval process and ensure better transparency. The system's streamlined evidence-gathering, continuous monitoring, and query auditing capabilities further simplify the pathway to compliance. This comprehensive approach can yield significant savings in both time and compliance-related costs for FinTech companies.
Monitor Operations for Data Security
Monitor operations, queries, and activities that help safeguard financial data, and detect security risks surrounding sensitive information.
Secure Access to Sensitive Data
Using ephemeral containers as bastion hosts, Adaptive reduces the chance of unauthorized access. Secure access to private resources and safeguard all sensitive customer data.
Automate Audit Logs
Increase efficiency in audits with automated logs and evidence gathering. Get readily available comprehensive logs of all access requests, commands, and incidents across the infrastructure.
Enterprise Grade
Stay compliant with FinTech regulations
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
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