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Protect PII and PHI

Adaptive classifies and masks your sensitive data for elevated protection.
With increasing data and cloud adoption, data breaches affect more individuals each year, compromised data including financial information, protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), trade secrets, or intellectual property.
8.22 billion
Records affected in 2023 by data compromises, including data breaches, leakage, and exposure
Average cost per lost or stolen customer PII record in 2023
$9.5 Million
Average Healthcare data breach cost in 2023
Data classification is a crucial component of data security pipeline which allows organizations to understand their sensitive data and track its location. Policies can be deployed to detect malicious activity, and protection measures like dynamic data masking can ensure non-privileged users can’t access sensitive data.
Identify and label your data into PII, PHI, SPI across resources for robust data security
Adaptive maps infrastructure resources, discovers and classifies data into buckets by type, e.g. PHI, PII, SPI, and ranks them by importance. Adaptive deploys Data Protection pipelines including Dynamic Data Masking to ensure sensitive data isn’t accessible by unprivileged users.
Elevated Data Security
With class based security, distribute resources where necessary. Deploy policies based on the level of security required and protect your infrastructure resources.
Deploy stringent measures such as encryption and monitoring where necessary and accelerate compliance to regulations such as GDPR and HIPPA.
Enhanced Data Privacy
With Adaptive’s Data Governance, ensure no one has access to sensitive information without privileges.
Create permissions natively in the product using the default syntax of the downstream resource i.e. SQL grants for Databases or YAML for Kubernetes. No learning curve needed.
Dynamic Masking
Adaptive masks queried data according to standing privileges. Choose masks from Adaptive’s pre-defined list or create your own.
Dynamic Data and Just-in-time access seamlessly ensure access to sensitive data when required.
Enterprise Grade
Protect PII and PHI
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
Deploy in Cloud or On-Prem