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Custom Access Policies

Set tailored access policies on IP ranges, geographies and device fingerprints - enhancing security posture, control and transparency.
In the post-Covid era, remote work has allowed companies to recruit globally. However, this has led to new infrastructure access challenges due to privacy laws like GDPR. Regulated sectors have compliances dictating resource locations and access points. Given geopolitical sensitivities, companies want to restrict access from certain regions for better security. Configuring these custom access policies is extremely complex even with the help of existing networking tools like VPN.
    Countries are suspected of sponsoring cyber operations in 2005
    Average days to identify and contain a breach
Set custom infrastructure access policies seamlessly
Adaptive allows organizations to build custom access policies on every infrastructure resource. Organizations can formulate these policies in a clear 'allow or deny' framework, simplifying the process of managing both inclusive and exceptional access workflows. Adaptive offers access gating on all important parameters including IP ranges, geography and device fingerprints. Adaptive also provides a pre-built library of malicious IP addresses, to protect the infrastructure from external threats.
IP-Based Access Gating
Restrict user access based on their IP addresses or geographical locations. Enhance security by ensuring that developers can only access resources from authorized location, reducing the risk of potential security breaches.
Device-Based Access Control
Log all device fingerprints natively in the product and build access workflows to allow only known ones.
Default Blocklist
Secure critical infrastructure resources with Adaptive’s default blocklist that is designed to provide robust protection against external cyber threats.
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Custom Access Policies
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
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