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Share Access Not Credentials
Access resources via Adaptive without sharing the actual keys or credentials of the resources. Adaptive’s protocol-aware proxy generates intermittent credentials, ensuring both the prevention of credential leakage and a secure connection to infrastructure resources.
Sharing Infrastructure Credentials is one of the most high-risk practices. Infrastructure resource credentials are often shared as plain text on Slack or other internal communication tools, which opens up threat surface areas in organizations. Once shared, it's hard to trace where the credentials end up, making them susceptible to accidental leakage, phishing, and insider threats.
    Breaches involve credentials, whether stolen via social engineering or hacked using brute force.
    Employees share their credentials with teammates to work collaboratively
Prevent credential leakage by securely sharing access to resources without sharing the actual credentials
Adaptive's proxy hides real credentials, increasing security and preventing leaks. Access infrastructure resources and internal services centrally via Adaptive CLI or your existing client tools. Implement SSO and MFA for any resource at the infrastructure.
Seamlessly Integrates with Existing Developer Workflows
Access your resources via Adaptive CLI - a universal way to connect to Databases, Virtual Machines, Kubernetes, Cloud Providers and Web Services. Adaptive also supports all your existing third-party client tools.
No Agent, No Network Reconfiguration
Unlock credential-less access without having to install any agents in downstream resources or altering your existing network. Adaptive’s container-based access architecture requires no change to your current infrastructure setup.
SSO and Multi-Factor Authentication
Enhance security by enabling multi-factor authentication on all infrastructure resources, protecting against unauthorized access and potential security threats.
Setup in 5 Mins
Share Access Not Credentials
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
Deploy in Cloud or On-Prem