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Audit and Access Review

Audit infrastructure events and access activities for compliance readiness

Adaptive - Privileged Access Management, Continuous Compliance, Access Policies

Automate access review

Improve employee productivity through automated access review process. Our solutions enable employees to quickly and easily request, review and assign access to the resources they need.

Streamline compliance process

Adaptive helps streamline evidence collection process by centralizing review of access logs across all resources and products that are needed for compliance audits including HIPAA, SOC2, SOX, ISO 27001 and HITRUST.

Zero-config Session Recording

Adaptive ensures that user commands can be recorded and replayed without the need for any additional configurations, making it easier for compliance teams to compile what and when specific actions on systems were taken.

Adaptive - All user actions in one place

All user actions in one place

Capture every query and command with the ability to review and replay give you complete visibility into all activities.

Adaptive - Slack based request-approval

Slack based request-approval

Swiftly request and approve access to sensitive resources with slash commands on slack.

Adaptive - Exportable logs and events

Exportable logs and events

Generate exportable logs that can be easily converted into reports, saving time and effort for compliance teams.

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