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Alerting & Reporting

Monitor and get alerted on insider threat and malicious activities

Proactively protect your systems

Stay informed when users access sensitive infrastructure resources by receiving notifications that allow you to review and evaluate any potentially risky activity. Take proactive measures to protect yourcompany's data and maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

Adaptive Automation Technologies, Inc - Vendor Access Management
Adaptive Automation Technologies, Inc - Vendor Access Management

All alerts in one-place

Easily access all of your security and compliance information from a single, intuitive dashboard. View alerts, activity logs, create reports, and receive alerts all in one place.

Custom Audit Reports

Create custom reports that include only the data and information that is most relevant to you. This is particularly useful if you need to focus on specific events or actions, or if you need to review activity for a specific time period.

Adaptive Automation Technologies, Inc - Vendor Access Management
Adaptive - Query engine to explore events

Query engine to explore events

Adaptive's query engine allows you to easily explore and analyze events across your infrastructure, giving you complete visibility into all activity.

Adaptive - Export to PDF

Export to PDF

Allow users to save, share, and monitor all the access logs and threats for a given time easily in a portable format.

Adaptive - Never miss an alert

Never miss an alert

Integrate with Slack to allow users to receive alerts directly in their Slack workspace, ensuring that they do not miss any important alerts.

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